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Face Mask - The Healthy Farm Girl

Face Mask

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Choose between Charcoal, Matcha, Aloe, or Pinked Cheeks:

Charcoal: This highly detoxifying mask is wonderful for problem skin and aging skin! Made with charcoal, known for it's effectiveness in pulling dirt out of pores and blackheads, this mask also includes powerful ingredients for the skin including: Bentonite Clay (removes toxins from pores, heals skin, can lighten acne scars), French Green Clay (high in minerals, relieves oily skin, clarifying), Spirulina Powder (high in antioxdiants), Turmeric (heals acne scars, anti-inflammatory), dl-Panthenol (binds and restores skin). Because of the high potency of the ingredients, I recommend using it once a month.

Pinked Cheeks Face Mask: 

"Dust" your cheeks with this lovely pink face mask! Made with powerful face clearing clays and powders, this is a fantastic mask for those who break out easily. I recommend mixing 1 t with water until spreadable and then spreading thinly on face, leaving to dry for 5-15 minutes. Wash with warm water and moisturize with Rosy Blush Face Cream. Recommended to use once per month or as needed.

Zinc Oxide: Helps with signs of photo-aging, helps with infections and acne.

Bentonite Clay: Rich mineral clay that helps clear and restore skin.

Kaolin Clay: absorbs excess oils and helps brighten skin. Very gentle for all skin types.

Calcium Carbonate: cleans out pours and reduces blackheads.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Pink Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Carbonate.


Matcha Aloe:

Ingredients: Coconut milk powder, bentonite clay, matcha, aloe powder, spirulina. 

Matcha: anti-inflammatory, minimized redness, soothes skin.

Coconut milk: High in Vitamin C which helps the skin's elasticity. Also high in other minerals such as copper, which helps fight against aging effects.

Aloe vera powder: high in antioxidants, this powder is soothing and restoring for chronic skin conditions.