Our Ingredients

We're committed to only using non-GMO, organic if possible, and 100% pure ingredients! Every ingredient is checked in the EWG.org database before use. All products score a 1 on the database (that's good!) except for the Conditioner scores a 2.

No synthetics or chemically made ingredients are used, only products derived from nature. We're not Vegan, but we do have some Vegan products. None of our products have been tested on animals. 

We list all the ingredients on our website and labels so customers can check out the safety on their own! We believe that you should do your own research to discover what's best for you and for your family.

A list of companies we love and support:

 Eden's Garden

Hopewell Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs



Banned Ingredients:



Synthetic fragrances

Toxic Preservatives

Hormone distrupting ingredients

Alcohol based ingredients


This list is constantly growing!