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Natural or Organic: Which is Better?

There is a lot of confusion and controversy about this topic. It doesn’t help that there are companies who are certified organic that still have questionable ingredients in their products or companies who claim to be healthy but are simply good at marketing. So what is the answer?

When learning about what works best for my company, ingredient wise, I did a lot of reading. I chose not to use a MLM essential oil company for many reasons, cost factor being a huge reason. Some essential oil companies are organic, but have been tested and found to have a significant amount of pesticides in them (organic approved, but still toxic). For this reason, I look for third party tested companies that test for oil purity and don’t use oils that test positive for pesticides, organic or not. 
The same goes for other ingredients. Most of my ingredients are certified organic, but the rules on that are so broad that even that can be an issue. My recommendation for finding the best quality products are this:

Transparency: Does the company list all it’s ingredients?

Authenticity: Is there any mystery scents? Natural Fragrance or Organic fragrance without telling you what it is...still very misleading. I refuse to by mystery scents.

Community: Does the company think they have the only organic products that you should use? I walk away if they say so. There is something about being humble. If you’re not letting your product sell itself without having to tell people it’s the best? It’s just not something I can believe in...I am not the leader in my field, no matter how much I believe in my products!

Search every ingredient: if it sounds fishy, it probably is. Do you research on EWG and other websites ( is a good one!) That said, ingredients matter. Talk to companies...don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. If they are transparent, they’ll want to talk to you, if they are hiding something, they will probably avoid the question. 

P.S.: I'm not a certified organic company. Not yet, so I can't advertise as organic. I do however, use organic ingredients. But I'm more concerned about the overall toxicity and purity. I prefer the term toxic free skin care as a result.