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Natural Hair Care: My Tips for Healthy, Happy Locks

The first product I made for myself was a hair gel, so natural hair care is something I've really grown and experimented with for some time. My hair has gone through some really awful stages, and I'm happy it's finally long, healthy, and happy. Here are a few of my regular practices for healthy hair.

Washing: Don't do it every day!

The most important thing I've learned, is that hair isn't meant to be washed every day. If it's dry and your scalp is flaking, most likely, you're stripping it by daily washing. I wash every other day or every 3 days and want to eventually get to one or two times a week. This allows the hair and scalp to maintain it's natural oil without having to overcompensate due to excessive washing.

I use the shampoo bars found in the shop. Traditional soap has more water than oil, the shampoo bars have more oil. This makes it very moisturizing. You may initially struggle with hair buildup. To combat this, make your own vinegar rinse and use it daily! 1 T. Apple Cider vinegar in 1 Cup Water. Pour over your head after washing.

 Other ways to wash your hair without soap:

Aritha powder: This is a powder made from soap nuts. I use this occasionally and my hair is super shiny and my scalp feels amazing afterwards!

Shikaki Powder: another natural powder from a plant native to Asia. Leave it in for 10 minutes and your hair will thank you!

Conditioning: Proper hair and scalp hydration

I have 3 conditioners in my shop, Lily Maid, Sweet Cherry, and Mango. Each one has nourishing ingredients such as castor oil and sunflower oil for hair hydration. While conditioner is a great tool for moisturizing hair, there are some additional tools!

Henna - Henna is known for giving hair a natural reddish tint, but it also deeply hydrates the hair and scalp. I apply henna every month or so and my hair is fuller, softer, and so much easier to work with after. I use the Henna Guys, found on Amazon, but I've also had good success with Rainbow Research.

Alma Powder: This is another that I love to mix in with my henna, but it can be used without henna. It softens and smooths my hair if it's getting frizzy.

Hair Masks: You can do a DiY mask by using a conditioner with extra olive, avocado, castor, or sunflower oil in it. Leave it in your hair for 10-30 minutes then wash. It may take a couple washings to get the oil fully out. :) You could also use a mask from Andalou Naturals

Other Hair Helps:

Hair & Skin by Nature's Way: I'll keep recommending this forever! I love it. It has helped my hair and skin tremendously.

Trouble shooting: How to combat difficulties with hair health

Dandruff: Dandruff is simply dried skin flaking off your scalp. You need to make sure you're getting it moisturized! Consider washing less, doing a hair mask at least once every 2 weeks, and using conditioner every time you wash. You can also rinse it with the water/vinegar rinse!

Split Ends: Consider your hair color! I don't use commercial color for a reason. It's very unhealthy for your hair. Also, either use heat on your hair less or use the Very Berry Hair Tamer from my shop in your hair to protect the ends before you curl or straighten.

Buildup/oily hair: Excessive buildup or oily hair is due to overwashing and/or buildup of product. Using a hair rinse every time you wash will help combat this!

Hair Products from my shop:

If you're interested in trying some of my hair care products, they are listed below! If you have any further questions about hair care, please comment and I'll do my best to answer!

Lily Maid, Sweet Cherry, and Mango Conditioner


Nourshing and Aspen Woods Shampoo Bar

Very Berry Hair Tamer (detangler, leave in conditioner)